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Harvesting of Timber

Partner with the Top Choice for Timber Harvesting Services in Florida And Georgia


Harvesting requires a high level of skill and quality equipment and machinery to ensure that the merchantability of your timber commodity is maintained.


At OXalot, we work with precision to harvest your timber and use specialized machinery and equipment for every harvest.


Regulatory Compliant, Technologically Powered, and Environmentally Conscious


Our team of fully trained and certified personnel adheres to the best practices in the industry to ensure that services not only conform to legislative guidelines but also allow your woodlands to recover.


To make our services more transparent, we utilize GPS-enabled machinery and integrated cloud-based systems that allow you to get real-time access to the progress and key performance parameters of your timber harvest. As a result, you can keep a close eye on numbers that matter.


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Loading Of Timber

Let Us Facilitate A Smooth Loading Process

When it comes to timber loading, you need the proper loading machinery and experienced personnel on the ground to ensure that your timber is loaded safely.


From the capacity of the transport vehicle to the maximum load permissible by law, we take all factors into account to prepare and load your timber for the haul.


To give you extra peace of mind, our cloud-based system allows you to track your loads...eliminating the worry about missing tickets.

Maximizing Load Efficiency

Our timber loading specialists always ensure that your timber is stowed properly to avoid dangerous shifting and sliding during transport. We also make sure that we minimize the number of gaps and voids in between where possible to maximize your loads.


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Loading Logs
back view of long heavy industrial wood carrier cargo vessel truck trailer with big timber

Hauling Of Timber

We Ensure That Your Timber Reaches its Destination Intact...and on Time

At OXalot, we transport your timber efficiently and use the best routes to ensure that it reaches its destination on time. We also make it possible to track your timber in transit through our load-tracking you peace of mind.

Broad Vehicle Fleet To Accommodate Your Timber Hauling Requirements

Our fleet consists of thoroughly serviced and well-maintained hauling vehicles for every type of timber load. We are always ready to accommodate your needs.



Quality Clear-Cutting Services, Tailored to Your Needs

OXalot provides professional clear-cutting services, customized to suit your requirements and align with your land clearing goals.


Whether you want to clear your land for construction purposes, maintain the health of your forest or woodland, or create a fire barrier, we are here for you.

Our Services Are Regulatory Compliant

We not only ensure that your land is cleared effectively, but we also make sure that our services align with the legislative laws governing your state.


Our technologically-driven equipment and advanced cloud-based systems allow you to keep an eye on our progress remotely so you can rest assured we are getting the job done right and on time.


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timber truck; log carrier car with a manipulator on special swamp wheels goes along a fore

Swamp Logging

Safe, Effective, and Reliable Swamp Logging Services in Florida And Georgia

Timber harvesting from swamps not only requires specialized equipment, but it requires a high level of skill and expertise. Our experienced workmen utilize specialized equipment, advanced technology, and industry-leading practices to harvest your timber from areas that are difficult to access.

Advanced Machinery and Technology

At OXalot, we utilize specialized machinery to ensure that we execute the swamp logging process efficiently without causing damage to your timber...all while reducing environmental impact.


Our integrated systems allow you to track our progress in real-time, giving you full visibility over your swamp harvest remotely from your computer or mobile device. As a result, you can get the most out of your harvest while gaining valuable insights to key performance indicators.

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