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Timber in Forest

Why Choose Us?

Make The Smart Choice

At OXalot, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing clients with efficient, technologically advanced services that add value to landowners and businesses.


The OXalot Advantage

We Have 35+ Years Of Experience

Our team brings over three decades of experience in the timber service and forestry industry to the table and we continuously evaluate and improve our practices to ensure that they align with the needs of landowners across the region.


We Are Team of Experienced Professionals

Our team consists of fully certified, professional, and experienced local workmen who deliver quality services on time...every time.


We Give You Full Visibility Over Your Project

We integrate smart technology into every project, allowing you to keep track of our progress in real-time. This level of transparency increases our accountability for efficient and timely service delivery.


We Use State of the Art Equipment and Machinery

OXalot uses the most reliable machinery and equipment for all your wood harvesting and logging needs to ensure that the integrity of your merchantable resources is not compromised.


We Treat the Environment with Respect

At OXalot, we always utilize timber logging methods that have the least impact on the environment to ensure that your forests can efficiently recover and regenerate after each harvest.

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